Blending traditional marketing tools with the new and ever-changing digital tools can be a difficult task. Many small and medium sized businesses either don’t understand new marketing methods or believe the hype that these are the only way to attract new customers. The truth is that each company should be evaluated independently to determine which traditional methods to keep and which new techniques to add.

Our Services:

Practical Account Based Marketing
You have, no doubt, heard about Account Based Marketing (ABM). It is all over the marketing blogs. What is often not discussed is that the implementation of ABM is much harder than theorizing it. I take a practical research-based approach by first determining prospect targeting criteria; then I identify companies that visit your website, social media, other media, or who work with your competitors.  I find the most likely people working in the company that would influence or purchase the products or services you sell. These contacts become part of a lead nurturing process that includes media and face-to-face encounters.  Dossiers are created for the hottest prospects and then turned over to the sales team.

Social and Search Advertising
Do you need assistance with your Adwords, Facebook or Linkedin advertising? Let Harry Hallman create an effective program that doesn’t just garner clicks but generates sales and leads.

Consulting Services
Do you need assistance with establishing and internalizing your online marketing efforts? Hallman provides both short and long term consulting services designed to help your staff better understand and implement traditional, online, and social media marketing efforts.

Online Marketing Evaluation and Consulting
Are you having difficulty understanding the effectiveness of your online reach and do you need assistance in increasing your online connections? Octane provides an initial evaluation and then offers monthly reports that include statistics and suggestions for improving your digital footprints.

Social Media Strategy and Implementation
Do you need help to decide which social media platforms will work best for you and do you need to learn how to use them for the best results? Hallman can help you.

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Harry Hallman has over 40 years experience as an entrepreneur, marketing executive, and consultant.

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